Apartment Preparedness

I’m not one to sleep with a girl on the first date.  I have a lot of friends who assure me that the third date is nearly a guarantee, but I don’t really subscribe to that theory either.  I like to let that part of a relationship evolve organically.  But, that doesn’t mean I don’t like to be prepared just in case.

I keep my apartment fairly clean generally.  I vacuum at least once a week, my bathroom is pretty spotless, and my furniture is all in pretty good shape.  But there are things I generally don’t keep 100% visitor-ready.  I rarely make my bed, for example.  Often, I’ll throw a sweater or two on a chair in my bedroom when I decide I don’t need that many layers and not re-fold them until a few days later.  I’ve been teaching myself guitar (gradually) and sometimes I leave it lying on a sofa in my living room.  So, the apartment isn’t spotless.

But I must admit, Thursday night and Friday morning, I start cleaning — just in case — and carefully make my bed.  And, to be honest, it’s not in case a girl wants to spend the night, it’s really just in case she wants to come up for a glass of wine or to hear my awful guitar playing.  I’ve never pressured a girl into anything and I’m quite proud of that.  In fact, I’ve at least twice had to turn a girl down after she got drunk and seemed to want to go uhhhh all the way that night.  In both cases, I didn’t want to ruin a potential relationship by having a one night stand with a girl who seemed really great.

I also keep my apartment stocked, just in case.  Plenty of extra toilet paper, extra new toothbrushes and mouthwash, plenty of clean towels, a collection of hotel soaps and shampoos, tissues, etc.  This isn’t really in preparation for the one night stand, rather it’s in preparation for date number x where a girl does decide to spend the night.  I think it’s a nice courtesy to have enough hygienic products so if they do spend the night, they at least feel comfortable.  Honestly, I think a lot of these things have been more helpful with friends spending the night on my couch considering I’ve only had a grand total of four girls who weren’t old friends ever spend the night at my place.

Is this a common practice?  My bet is that a lot of guys do something similar.  But, I do have female friends who have horror stories of waking up at some guy’s place where he doesn’t even have a clean toilet seat.

A bonus I’ve been considering lately is keeping around more cooking supplies — I think it could be fun to make breakfast with a girl the next morning.  Not something I’ve ever tried early on in a relationship, but it seems like a good way to transition from the early morning pillow talk.

3 thoughts on “Apartment Preparedness

    • You have to wonder what the guy does when *he* needs toilet paper. I’ve heard similar horror stories from female friends. Maybe growing up with a sister was a key difference for me?

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